Fast2Captcha Popup Removal

I had a call from a friend today saying they were getting lots of annoying popups about internet security and norton anti virus even though they had their own installed.

The friend has tried a full system scan and couldn’t find anything that was causing the issue so was very concerned a virus had got its way into the system and would cause trouble and delete their files.

Luckily there was a simple answer to this, when you visit a website that wants to send you notifications you get a box which says allow or block up by the padlock on google chrome like this

All that had happened was a website they had visited asked them to do this

Well they assumed it was like a google recapcha system and clicked allow automatically wanting to see the content on the website.

This means the website was able to send a bunch of annoying notifications to them.

So how did I correct this? Well it was pretty simple really, i went to https :// fast2captcha . com and clicked the little padlock icon next to the domain



I then changed ‘Notifications’ from ‘Allow’ to ‘Block’ and magically the popups and notifications disappeared, so far its been 8 hours and nothing new has come through so I know it is working correctly and they have learned a valuable lesson not to automatically click ‘Allow’ on something that pops up on screen.

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