Nintendo Direct quick reaction

Well after 40 minutes of the Nintendo direct I was feeling a bit meh, the new Ghosts and Goblins Resurrection looked pretty cool, and the inclusion of Street Fighter 2 in the Capcom set is a nice touch, but the rest was feeling rather lackluster, then at the 41 minute mark they drop The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD! The only Zelda game I have yet to play!!!! Including some amazing looking new joy-cons. Then to top it all off Splatoon 3! I know its coming 2022 but man, it was worth sitting through that for almost an hour to see those last two.

Oh and for all you animal crossing and mario lovers out there (me defo included) they are including a massive update to Animal Crossing to include a ton of mario items!!

I feel a mushroom kingdom island is going to happen!! I need to dust off that game, i haven’t played it in months.

Oh man these joy cons!!! I need them!


Tomorrow I will post up a full reaction but for now its bed time.

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