I have moved to a mechanical keyboard and have some regrets

My old keyboard was a membrane style keyboard, it was squishy and as time went on it would miss strokes, especially cumbersome when coding and doing lots of copy and pasting.

I didn’t have a very big budget so when an offer came up on Amazon for the Havit wired mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse combo I thought the time has come for me to bite the bullet. My first impressions are okay, I quite enjoy the fact it comes with a good sized wrist rest, my only gripe is the sound, having never used a mechanical keyboard before I didn’t realize how loud it actually is typing on this, I have purchased myself some dampeners which are arriving tomorrow, lets see if that will make it bearable not only for me but also for the family in the same room.

I have tried a couple of games and the inputs are more instant, there isn’t the squishy feel prior to pressing making it feel like you have a 1/4 of a second difference between pressing the key and the action happening.

The RGB is impressive, I have mine set to a static rainbow but when you press a key the RGB is turned off for a second, there are some fancy swooshing colours and also a mode where its dark until you press a key and said key is illuminated.

The mouse is okay, it has the typical 2 thumb buttons on the left hand side, there is a DPI button to increase the DPI to give it a faster movement feel, I always have my mice cranked to the highest, which is why I am normally sporadic in my gaming and often miss shots because the precision is too much. The mouse does also feature RGB, here there are a few modes, i have left it cycling on all colours to give it a rainbow effect.

I am looking forward to getting the dampeners as even though I am listening to music on my headphones at quite a high level I can still hear the click click of the keys.

This is the link to the keyboard and mouse combo: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07QR39DCW/ and this is the link to the dampeners that I have purchased https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0761TSWF3/ the keyboard and mouse set does come with its own key remover so there was no need to purchase the more expensive kit with the key remover.

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